Our Process

Our Client Engagement Process — DAPIR (Discuss, Analyze, Present, Implement, Review/Reassess)

At MOSAIC Wealth Partners, we employ a five-step Client Engagement Process that enables us to implement fully our program of coordinated planning coupled with proactive investment management.

In order to create your ideal financial plan, we first must Discuss:

  • Your current situation and future goals, needs, and objectives
  • Your assets and liabilities, cash flow, and savings habits
  • Your expectations for us so you can understand what it is like to work with MOSAIC Wealth Partners

Next, we Analyze your situation to assess:

  • The likelihood that you are on track toward meeting your goals and what, if anything, you might consider changing in order to increase the chances of achieving your objectives
  • Whether your current investment allocation is consistent with your tolerances, needs, and objectives

We then Present you with our conclusions and recommendations. Because we believe client education and comprehension are critical, we make sure you understand our analysis, proposed strategies, and suggested vehicles for moving forward.

Once we all are on the same page regarding where you stand, where you are going, and how we are going to get you there, we then move to Implement our agreed-upon strategy.

Because financial plans are not static, the last and ongoing step in our Client Engagement Process is to Review, Reassess, and Reallocate. We continue to monitor not only the progress of your investments, but also how you stand with respect to reaching your goals, whether any of your financial objectives have changed, and whether any updates to your overall investment strategy are warranted.

Ultimately, we make sure that your financial plan stays current because it is this coordinated planning and proactive investment management that contributes to your financial peace of mind.