Investment Philosophy

Our approach, tailored to your needs.

Our financial advice for you starts with a blank slate, because only plans built specifically for your situation will benefit you. We get to know and understand your unique financial situation, needs, and objectives, then we create a customized plan incorporating this information.

Once this foundation has been established, we apply a philosophy that is designed to target a rate of return that fits your needs while controlling risk and volatility. We regularly review the performance of your plan and closely follow developments in the market landscape so we can update and modify your holdings as conditions change.

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Firm Approach

Coordinated planning plus proactive investment management equals confidence.

At Mosaic Wealth Partners, we use a planning-first approach that’s shaped by knowing your goals, needs, and desires. We use this information to craft a proactive investment management strategy designed for where you are in life and what your financial and lifestyle objectives are.

We also believe this blueprint should be constantly evolving. We stay on top of the progress of your finances and where you stand on reaching your goals, and update your investment strategy as warranted.

This coordinated and ongoing planning, coupled with our proactive management, keeps our focus firmly on your goals. That’s how we provide you with confidence.

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What happens when you become a client.

When you become a client, we’ll walk you through the process of moving your existing assets to your new accounts. We will establish your online account so you can access your information at any time, from anywhere. We’ll go over your first monthly statement with you to ensure you understand it. And three months in we’ll sit down for our first review, to make sure you’re comfortable with the beginning steps we’ve taken and answer any questions you might have.

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Client Engagement

Our process, from introduction to valued client.

We engage with you using our established process that ensures we have all the information needed to customize our financial advice to your needs. We will repeat this engagement process as often as is needed, because your financial situation is not going to remain static and your strategy will need to be adjusted as it changes. We will reach out to you when there’s something we feel you need to know, and welcome your questions and comments on everything from your portfolio’s performance to our customer service.

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