Firm Approach

Coordinated Planning + Proactive Investment Management = Peace of Mind

At MOSAIC Wealth Partners, we adopt a planning-first approach. We believe it is essential that we know your goals, needs, and desires before we craft a plan for your investments. Accordingly, the first step in our process is to learn your current financial situation. We make sure we understand, among other things, your assets and liabilities, cash flow, and savings habits and abilities. We also will discuss with you your short-, intermediate-, and longer-term objectives. Armed with this information, we then assess whether you are on track toward meeting your goals, and we determine what, if anything, could change to increase the likelihood of getting you where you want to be.

It is at this point that we develop an investment management approach designed specifically for you. Depending on your situation, this can include a strategy for growing your assets pre-retirement or, if you are nearing or already in retirement, a blueprint for managing your investments coupled with a plan for distributing these assets so you can meet your objectives into and through this phase of your life.

We believe, however, that this should be an ongoing process extending past solely the initial plan development stage. As such, we continue to monitor not only the progress of your investments, but also how you stand with respect to reaching your goals, whether any of your financial or lifestyle objectives have changed, and whether any updates to your overall investment strategy are warranted. We then can modify your investment program as called for so that it continues to stay current and align with meeting your overall goals.

Ultimately, it is this coordinated and ongoing planning coupled with our proactive investment management that provides you with peace of mind—peace of mind that your investments are being managed both consistently with your situation and needs, as well as with a focus on helping you meet your goals.